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Rust 2020

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We have all been called upon by the rust community to share our thoughts on what we want from Rust in 2020.

My wants are centered around the developer/debug experience more than the language itself. I find the language to be expressive and attractive for many types of development, and I find the community to be very pleasant.


What do I want more of?

More introspection


This might be targeted at LLDB more than Rust proper, but what I want are more tools that are focused on letting the programmer understand what is going on inside a running debug build, without having to stop the program.

A really nice tool that exists for Java is VisualVM.

I have tried to find equivalent tools for Rust/LLDB/GDB but have not been able to find something that is both maintained and easy to use. Please let me know if I have missed anything, my contact information is available here.

Imagine being able to debug, learn, and draw conclusions from a live view into a running Rust binary. The state of each Thread. Stack information for each Thread. Time spent in each Thread. The number and size of Heap allocations. The current and historic number of active Threads.

On the server

It would be nice to be able to export those same metrics mentioned above to a metric aggregator, e.g. Prometheus.

More IDE

I am an IntelliJ / CLion user so I would like to see improvements for the Rust plugin for CLion. It's already usable, but it needs more polish and more features.


There was a section about disk usage here but then I found out about cargo sweep and sccache.

That's what I want. Thank you for reading my incoherent ramblings.