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Domain Specific Language

About Me

I'm a Father by choice, Software Engineer by education, and Vegan by conviction. I speak Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian, and Croatian (Bosnian, Serbian).

On Software

I prefer strongly and statically typed systems when I can have them. Learning and teaching are often the same thing. Code is not documentation. Thinking ahead is essential, therefore architecture is essential.

A wise man once said

"Ye who enter here prefer composition over inheritance"

Fluent in Rust, TypeScript, Swift, Java, and Go.

I also know my way around CSS, Android, iOS, OpenGL, WebGPU, wasm, SPAs, Security, SQL, Networking, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Shells, Message passing systems, Linux, Windows, macOS, sysadmin, and too many other technologies to mention.

I once wrote a ray tracer in Java and then another one to learn Golang.


Open Source

I have contributed code to swift-bridge, cargo-sweep, SDKMAN! CLI, fastlane, DefinitelyTyped, Oh My Zsh, and others.

I have contributed many questions and answers to StackOverflow, and I have contributed many bug reports and proofs-of-concept to projects like chromium, intellij-rust, aws-sdk-js-v3, hls.js, and more.


Spiideo is a sports tech video platform for professional video analysis and automated video streaming — "The complete solution for sports video recording, analysis and broadcasting".

I am one of the first five employees on Spiideo's current journey.

Mostly responsible for Spiideo's iOS application, web applications, and the glue that hold them together. I also have responsibility for the technical choices the frontend teams make, as well as mentoring my fellow engineers. Furthermore, I maintain our high-performance, 3D-based (OpenGl, WebGPU), video playback implementations on web and iOS.

2021–Now Software Engineering Tech Lead Frontend
Tech Lead for the Frontend software development teams for Spiideo's Perform and Play products as well as other areas.

2015–2021 Senior Software Engineer
Development of Spiideo's streaming multi-angle video cloud services, mobile applications, and web applications. We create an advanced yet simple-to-use video analysis product for sports teams. We use and create state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Sony Ericsson and Sony Mobile

I had a number of roles during my time at Sony Ericsson and Sony Mobile. I started writing software for the Sony Ericsson K800i and ended with the Sony Mobile Z5 Compact.

2012–2015 Senior Engineer
Research and Incubation (R&I) — Co-creator of Sony Mobile's Indoor navigation application (which later became part of Nimway). Cloud integration and location based services.

Note: Change of ownership

In February 2012 Ericsson's share of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications was acquired by Sony and the mobile business was turned into Sony Mobile Communications.

2009–2012 Staff Engineer
Android Walkman music player. Local playback & Cloud service integration.

2006–2009 Engineer
Social Communication and Phonebook

2006 Master Thesis
Master Thesis focused on the intersection between global addressing using SIP inside the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Gaming. Thesis written together with Stefan Li

Lund University

2004–2006 Engineering Lab Instructor
Lab instructor for the courses Algorithms and data structures, Network programming, Java programming, and the Computer Technology course.


The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University

2002–2006 Master of Science in Computer Science


2005 1st place Mobile computer graphics course (EDA075)
Competed against fellow course takers. Magnus Borg and I won with our entry Lowrider, a J2ME mobile game.

Swedish Armed Forces

2001–2002 Bevakning / Närskydd
Part of the Swedish Air defence regiment's Army unit for protecting and safeguarding people and resources.

Österängsgymnasiet High School

1998–2001 Natural Science Programme


2000 10th place Lund Word Championship
A regional competition with high school students from all of Skåne.

Final note

In addition to the contact methods below, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, if you prefer that.